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The Company’s Director, Mr Israel G. Saria, has excellent working relations with the Tanzania Government and with sports organisations and institutions in Tanzania. These include the Ministry of Sports, Culture and Youth Development, the National Sports Council (NSC), the Tanzania Olympic Committee (TOC), the Tanzania Football Federation (TFF), the Tanzania Volleyball Association (TAVA) and the Tanzania Basketball Federation (TBF). He is also a sports contributor to the BBC Swahili World Service.

Supporting & Promoting

Tanzanian Sports Bodies and Organisations

There are many sports websites and blogs dedicated to sports in Tanzania. With Tanzania Sports we are trying to focus on promoting all sports in Tanzania and create a forum for exchanges on sports issues between various institutions and supporters.

For the last three years the website has managed to set up links between top American basketball coaches and the Tanzania Basketball Federation (TBF) which led to one coach travelling to Tanzania to conduct basketball clinics. A top Spanish cyclist also visited Tanzania to promote Tanzania cycling.

We also provide information and practical advice to institutions, organisations or other individuals in the UK interested in Tanzanian sport and have set up meetings to discuss areas of cooperation and investment through the Tanzania High Commission in London. During the recent Olympic Games, we supported the Tanzania Olympic team and publicised their Olympic activities on the website.

Linkages are also promoted around the UK Premiership League which is a key focus of interest for Tanzanians and followed closely through satellite TV and through the BBC Swahili radio service. There is currently a keen interest among sports institutions and individuals to create opportunities for visits of UK Premiership football teams to Tanzania as well as visits of Tanzania clubs to the UK.

Through this website we invite all sports people and institutions in Tanzania to share information on their activities. We will promote this information and help develop partnership links.

Tanzaniasports Ltd provides a range of services including:

  • Research
  • Arranging fact finding visits and presentations to stakeholders
  • Facilitating negotiations with representatives of the Tanzania Government
  • Developing sponsorship contacts
  • Assisting in project implementation
  • Establishing and maintaining linkages between UK and Tanzania
  • Logistical support

Sports Development

Our Aim.

The aim of this website is to support sports development in Tanzania, through creating communication links between the sports community in Tanzania at all levels and regional and international interested individuals or organisations for purposes of linkages.

It is the site of Tanzaniasports UK Ltd, a company aiming to undertake business initiatives in the sports sector in Tanzania. The aim of the company is to support the Tanzanian Government in developing sports and raising the profile of the country in the international sports arena through partnerships with the private sector.

The Beginning


There are many sports websites and blogs dedicated to sports in Tanzania. With Tanzania Sports we are trying to focus on promoting all sports in Tanzania and create a forum for exchanges on sports issues between various institutions and supporters. Starting in 2005 Tanzania Sports has grown into an internationally recognised sports media website with loyal users all over the world.

February 2005

Tanzania Sports Founded

Tanzania Sports started as just an idea by Israel Saria to help promote sports throughout Tanzania.

March 2005

First website.

The First Tanzania Sports website is launched.

Tanzania Sports

October 2006

Second Website Launch.

Tanzania Sports

August 2008

Third Website Launch.

Tanzania Sports

September 2012

Partnership with Lakewood media

We started working with Adam at Lakewood media to launch the new Tanzania Sports website. The new site was an instant success with a huge increase in traffic and social following.

This is the start to Tanzania Sports as we see it today with the brand being developed along with other aspects of the business.

Tanzania Sports

April 2014

Update Planned

Continuing our partnership with Lakewood media we started making plans to take the Tanzania Sports website further. We started planning the new website to be launched in 2015.

June 2014

We cover the Brazil World Cup

We cover our first world cup, supplying constant updates and news in Swahili.

May 2015

Fifth Website Launch.

After nearly a year of planning and work we finally launched the new 2015 Tanzania Sports website to the public. This is the biggest step since the first website was launched in 2012.

Tanzania Sports
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