ZFA-TFF merger requires constitutional amendment

TFF president Leodegar Tenga.

Incorporating Zanzibar Football Association officials into the Tanzania Football Federation is a matter that needs a constitutional amendment, so says TFF president Leodegar Tenga.

Tenga released a statement when responding to queries posed by members of the press at the Bwawani Hotel here over the weekend.
He said the issue is sensitive and need time to be worked out before coming into conclusion.
He said it is impossible to co-opt the ZFA officials inside the TFF secretariat until amendments have been done to find a room or their accommodation.
“This is a constitutional affair and needs time before its deliberation”, said Tenga.
The motion to accommodate ZFA officials inside the TFF secretariat has surfaced after the Isles soccer authority nose dived in their bid to secure FIFA membership.
ZFA has been making endless campaigns to win FIFA membership but their last bid collapsed in June when the world supreme body dumped their application.
FIFA trashed ZFA membership for a simple reason that Zanzibar lacks suzerainty soon after the 1964 Union with Tanganyika to form the Republic of Tanzania.
However, Zanzibar has been benefiting from all FIFA donations and proceeds through the TFF.
FIFA donations have been in use by footing expenditures of the national teams, training for coaches and referees from either side of the United Republic of Tanzania.
Tenga reminded fans in Zanzibar that FIFA does not donate hard cash to TFF but rather facilitates special projects of its members.
However, Tenga advised ZFA to establish viable projects that would justify facilitation by FIFA donations.
So far Zanzibar has been benefiting the installation of astral turf at Pemba’s Gombani Stadium.
TFF’s secretary general Angetile Osiah, said it’s high time ZFA officials to work had with transparence so that fans and the entire soccer fraternity in the Isles would be aware of its activities and how they benefit from FIFA injections.
So far, every time the national soccer team travels for international assignments such as African Nations Cup qualifiers at least one official from ZFA is included in the contingent.
Currently, ZFA vice-president Haji Ameir is in Morocco with the national team that played their final Nations Cup qualifier game against their hosts yesterday.
Osiah said TF officials have been visiting Zanzibar every now and then as part of improving relations with the Islanders and serve as a joint soccer authority. 
TFF had donated some funds to assist in the general election that saw president Ali Ferej Tamim bounce into the leadership held for yet another tenure.
However, even before amendment of the TFF constitution, there is no clause that sidelines any Tanzania of Zanzibar origin not to contest in the general election held every after four years.
The quest for FIFA membership is what drove most of the Zanzibar-based Tanzanians from aspiring leadership posts of the TFF.
Every Tanzanian regardless of his domicile is free from contesting in TFF election.
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