Tanzania Distillers Limited - Company Profile

Company Profile


Tanzania Distilleries Limited (TDL) was established in 1968 and is currently the market leading spirit and wine distributor and distillery in Tanzania. It is a subsidiary of Tanzania Breweries Limited (SABMiller plc), which produces many of Tanzania’s most iconic beers, including Safari Lager, Kilimanjaro Premium Lager and Castle Lager.


TDL’s flagship brand, Konyagi, has dominated the spirit category in Tanzania for over four decades. But even so, it’s not only Konyagi that TDL is known for. Other popular spirit brands produced by TDL include Valeur superior Brandy, Regency Whisky, Vladimir Vodka and the recently launched Zanzi Cream Liqueur.


In the last decade TDL has become a major player in the Tanzanian wine industry, with not only having local wine names on its portfolio, such as Dodoma and lmagi, but a long list of premium international brands, such as Nederburg, belonging to one of its shareholders, Distell – the tenth largest marketer of wines worldwide. Having Distell as a partner has also meant that it is able to offer Tanzanians other international cider and spirit brands like Savanna Premium Cider, Amarula Cream, Count Pushkin and the most recently launched Knights Whisky.


As for the future of TDL; it looks bright. With so many quality and iconic brands in its portfolio, there is no doubt that it will be able to remain the foremost supplier of wines and spirits in Tanzania, and will be able to strive to become a major force in the spirit industry in East Africa.