Revenue report throws Chaneta into disarray

Chaneta chairperson Anna Bayi

Netball Association of Tanzania`s (Chaneta) chairperson Anna Bayi said she is in no way responsible to release the Taifa Cup report detailing revenue and expenditures.

Taifa Cup tournament was staged in Coast Region in April but its income and expenditure report demanded by the National Sports Council is still unavailable.

Bayi said Chaneta’s secretary general Anna Kibira is solely responsible to release the report and she should be accountable for queries arising thereon.

Kibira has, however, been suspended from activities of the netball association for undisclosed period since last month.

It is estimated that Chaneta that was in deep financial crisis before staging the tourney, collected in excess of 50m/= from well wishers and corporate sponsors who supported the staging of the championship whose matches were played at Filbert Bayi school venue in Kibaha.

“I’m only responsible for organising meetings and other sessions but the rest of the association’s activities are under the secretary general, Kibira,” said Bayi.

Bayi completely dismissed reports that implicate her into alleged shifting of the netball body’s essential documents that also includes expenditures and revenue collections’ papers out of the Chaneta office premises.

“I have never shifted the documents, the Chaneta office is still intact and I have my own office which is too busy to accommodate the said documents,” she responded.

Bayi said barrages of allegations are leveled against her to weaken the good efforts she has taken to uplift the status of netball game that has been in doldrums for long spells.

She said it’s high time people should bury the hatches and work for the benefit of the association as the Kibira and revenue reports would only continue to rub salt in the wound.

Bayi said Kibira has been suspended as a result of infringing professional ethics.

It is alleged that some of the revenue donated from sponsors were charged into accommodation expenditure account for those netball teams that used Filbert Bayi school dormitories.

Tottenham Hotspur

Before the tournament got underway it was declared the school would be available to accommodate some of the teams for free.

Chaneta leadership has been ordered by the National Sports Council to reinstate Kibira to her secretary general post before further steps are taken to dissolve the body and call fresh elections.

Kibira has been maintaining a low profile status since being suspended by Chaneta on alleged of infringement of leadership ethics.

This is the biggest leadership controversy to be experienced by Chaneta since establishment of the association more than four decades ago.

Chaneta is organising an international netball championship set for September 28 through October and also engaged in searching funds to facilitate the event.



Written by Israel Saria

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