A five day Sports Administration course organized by IOC Solidarity fund came to a close on Friday 31 August,2012.

The course conducted by local National Course Directors Muharam Mchume and Julliana Yassoda was attended by 28 participants from Arusha based sports teachers and top sports club leaders.

Topics covered during the course included Sports Marketing, Planning, Communications, Olympic Values, Constitutions of local Sports Associations, Sports for Peace, Organizing an Event, Problem Solving, Budget and Money Management, Women and Sports , Government and Sports , Talent Identification.

Others included the Foundations of Olympic movement and the modern Olympic Games.

Participants which comprised of six women and 22 men were then grouped in five groups whereby had their own group discussions during the course

Purpose of the course is to make the sports administrators in the region more knowledgeable with sports ethics as far as sports leadership is concerned.

During the opening ceremony the Administrative Secretary of Arusha region Benson Mwanga asked the participants to utilize fully knowledge obtained from the course.

The IOC Solidarity Fund finances the course bearing in mind that Tanzania will highly benefit from the same. It is your duty now to see that there is much improvements in sports leadership in the region.

As sports teachers it is easy for you to tap the hidden talents of the young in schools.

Lastly, he reminded the participants one of the most known sayings that searching for the talents is like looking for a black cat in the in the dark room.