Only two Tanzanian runners have so far qualified for the London Games

As the London Olympics is just around the corner, controversies are surfacing in connection with banned athlete Fabian Joseph.

Joseph absconded from the TOC sanctioned training camp I Kibaha and the TOC wasted no time to impose a ban and offload him from the London-bound squad for the Olympics.

The athlete has approached the Athletics Tanzania officials seeking an apology but the later told him to proceed to the TOC.

However, the TOC in turn told AT officials to apologise on the athlete’s behalf and not the other way round.

TOC secretary general Filbert Bayi said this following report that the runner met AT officials and asked them to forgive him.

Bayi said TOC want AT to apologies to the committee not the runner himself because he is directly under the athletics association.

AT president Francis John confirmed that his association met the athlete and advised him to personally apologies to TOC and then the association will do the same.

“AT met the athlete and agree to write and submit an apology letter but the athlete himself is to apologise to the committee”, he said.

The long distance runner is reportedly to have absconded from camp where he was preparing to take part in the Prague International Marathon set for

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