Dar tennis trainer attends ITF course

The only domestic trainer who attended an International Tennis Federation’s global coaching seminar Hassan Kassim is back from Cairo.

Kassim returned home last Sunday and says he would use his expertise to improve the game in the country.

He is delighted to have represented the country at the ITF organized conference that lasted for five days.

Over 500 development coaches attended the course that had a lot of ingredients to facilitate tennis improvement.

Many world leading experts from all aspects of tennis coaching attended the seminar as key speakers included Dave Miley, Miguel Crespo, Max de Vylder, Doug MacCurdy, Miles Maclagan, Alvaro Margets, Wayne Black and Louis Cayer.

Others were Peter Born, Gabriel Jaramillo, Ann Quinn, Piotr Unierzyski, Debbie Kirkwood, Beni Linder, Bernard Pestre, Mark Kovacs, Daria Kopsic, Mark Tennant, Bruce Elliot, Machar Reid, Craig Morris, Gustavo Luza, Dermot Sweeney and Vlado Platenik.

“We shared a lot of experiences and I have also realised that there are several points as coaches we ought to know”, said Kassim.


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