Challenges faces NSC…

Minister for Information, Youth, Culture and Sports, Emmanuel Nchimbi (pictyred) has challenged the National Sports Council (NSC) to take keener interest in turning around the country’s sports fortunes.
Addressing sports officials from various sports bodies yesterday, Nchimbi voiced concern over the downward trend of the country’s sports standard and exhorted the new NSC leadership to arrest it before its three-year term in office ends.
Nchimbi said it was high time the council and national sports associations came up with workable strategies that can pave the way for local teams to fare impressively in international competitions.

Speaking at the same occasion, newly appointed NSC chairman Dioniz Malinzi urged officials of national sports associations to refrain from embezzlement of funds meant for sports development. hii ya michezo,” alisema Malinzi.
Nchimbi appointed Malinzi as the new NSC chairman last month.

The minister also appointed the council’s members, who include NSSF director general, Ramadhani Dau, Tanzania Sports Writers Association (TASWA) chairman Juma Pinto and his vice Maulid Kitenge.

Also in list are MPs Jenister Mhagama (Peramiho) and Mkiwa Adam Kimwanga (Special Seat-CUF), Jamal Rwambow, Venance Mwamoto, Jeniffer Mmasi, Alex Mgongolwa, Colonel Eliot Makafu and Cyprian Maro.

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