Africa’s football governing body has suspended the Corbeaux defender Janvier Basala Bokungu over issues regarding his previous club


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The Confederation of African Football, CAF, have suspended defender Janvier Basala Bokungu of current African champions TP Mazembe for an alleged breach of contract from his former club Espérance de Tunis of Tunisia.

According to a statement released on Mazembe’s official website on Thursday, CAF was responding to a complaint lodged in by Morocco’s WAC Casablanca, who are to meet Mazembe in the next round of the CAF Champions League.

Bokungu is accused of unilaterally terminating his contract with Esperance, which runs until June 2011, to join Mazembe.

He was not supposed to be fielded in CAF matches as he was during the previous round against Tanzania’s Simba SC, WAC Casablanca said.

CAF say they have decided to give the player a preventive suspension pending investigations.

But Mazembe officials say Bokungu was legally acquired from his former club.

“Bokungu properly revoked his contract with Esperance. Mazembe have no problem with Esperance or the player. He was acquired after mutual agreement,” said Frédéric Kitengie, general manager of Mazembe.

With the tentative decision from CAF, the player will not be used by the Corbeaux during their weekend continental clash against WAC Casablanca.

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