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Azam FC`s newly signed English coach John Stewart Hall (R) insists a point during his official introduction to press members in Dar es Salaam yesterday. Left is the club chairman Mohamed Saidi (L).

Zanzibar Football Association, ZAF, is completely powerless to stop national team coach John Stewart Hall from crossing over to Azam FC.

The coach, who signed a five-year deal with Future Century firm to work for the ZFA, is on his way to join the Mainland premiership side.

ZFA president Ali Fereji Tamim admitted his body’s inability to halt Hall’s new direction move though he insisted the Englishman has to make amendments to the existing contract.

Tamim acknowledged the widespread news that Hall is firmly on track to join the Mainland premiership side ahead of the second half of the season that kicks off mid January.

“Hall is not an angel and we can not restrict him from joining the Mainland club but he must do so while bearing in mind to adjust the existing contractual terms,” said Tamim.

Tamim said ZFA has been deeply shocked and disappointed to learn that Hall is taking a new direction barely few months after staying with the Zanzibar Heroes team.

However, Tamim said he still gives the coach the benefit of doubt to meet his contractual terms within the stipulated coaching deal.

Tamim admitted that Hall is facing an idle time in Zanzibar as the national team competes in Challenge Cup once in a year.

“All coaches are like players, they need to maintain a steady flow of activities and can not afford to stay idle for long spells,” said the ZFA president.

Meanwhile, the executive chairlady of the Future Century firm which is responsible for Hall’s contract, Helen Masanja, said Hall has not been officially released to sign another contract.

She openly admitted to have a clear knowledge of Hall’s negotiations to join Azam FC.

Hall led Zanzibar Heroes into the quarter-final stage of the just ended Council of East and Central African Football Association’s Challenge Cup in Dar es Salaam, losing to dethroned holders Uganda by shootouts.

Azam FC is desperately looking for replacement coach after partying ways with Brazilian Itamar Amorim, who was in power since 2008 taking over from compatriot Neider dos Santos.

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