Chris Hughton One Of Lowest Paid Managers In Premier League

Chris Hughton’s current contract probably makes him one of the lowest paid managers right now in the Premier League.

Chris Hughton – lowest paid manager in Premier League?

The contract he is said to have signed almost a year ago runs through next summer, and is thought to be around £250K/year, which is a lot less than the players he coaches at the club get in wages.
Chris is quoted in the Guardian today as hoping to sign a new contract at Newcastle soon, but that it is not a priority for him at the moment.
But as you would expect from Chris, he is hardly allowing any uncertainty about his future at the Tyneside club, impact his efforts at turning Newcastle into a Premier League class club once again, that can hold their own in England’s top division.
Chris told the Guardian today:

“At the moment I’m just getting on with the job,” “Yes, my contract is up at the end of the season but my priority is just to get on and do the best job that I can and let other things take care of themselves.”
“From my point of view where I want to be is manager of Newcastle United. That is where I am and I would like that to continue.”
“But the most important thing is to get the results because I am also conscious that, as managers, we can go through bad periods. Things can change very quickly in football so all I want to do is concentrate on the job at the moment.”

It’s a measure of the man that he has worked so hard since he first arrived at Newcastle, and especially since he was appointed as caretaker manager for the third time in July of last year, when the club was on its knees.
Chris has done a tremendous job for the Tyneside club so far in his tenure, and we would expect if Newcastle continue their good results this season, he will get a new contract – and probably before the end of the year.
When Sam Allardyce and Kevin Keegan were managing Newcastle under Mike Ashley, they were both on around £3M/year, and both cost the owner many millions when they left their jobs at the Tyneside club.

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