Shein to back up Isles` FIFA bid

Zanzibar President elect Ali Mohammed Shein said he is highly optimistic over Zanzibar’s breakthrough in securing FIFA membership within his office tenure.

He said Zanzibar Government’s efforts to intensify sports development on grounds of buiklidng healthy nation and reputation is one of the foremost priorities.
He said as long as his leadership predecessors have opened the way in search of the membership breakthrough by visiting FIFA headquarters in Zurich this year, remains as a good gesture.
His Government gears up to take where the others have left in a bid to foster Zanzibar’s sports revolutionary efforts to excel at international stages.
The President was speaking before the House of Representatives at Chukwani on Wednesday where he assured to support sports development without bias at all levels.
He named golf and cricket games which used to give Zanzibar an edge in the past but have now plunged deep into obscurity.
“We hope Zanzibar would secure FIFA membership in the near future”, said the President amid cheers and thunderous applause from the House of Representatives.
He also hinted on the Government’s intention to support entertainment through Taarab music and talent scouting efforts.
He said the Government expects to build a state of the art studio for musicians so as to assist them in talent upgrading and earn living.
 Other high ranking officials who attended the function includes Vice-President Maalim Seif Sharif Hamad, Chief Justice Hamid Mahmoud and Speaker of the House of Representtaives Pandu Ameir Kificho.
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