Netball conflict takes new turn

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Zanzibar netball association, CHANEZA, is now seeking intervention through the United Republic of Tanzania’s re-elected President Jakaya Kikwete’s to end the recurring row with their Mainland counterparts, CHANETA.

Acting secretary of CHANEZA Rahima Bakari, who has been on the fore front since the crisis was at an infantry stage, said the President should appoint a sports minister strong enough to freeze the crisis.

She said the next minister should have guts to bring harmony among the sports officials for the country to make a significant step towards development, particularly netball.

“CHANEZA congratulates President Kikwete for the re-election while believing he would appoint a minister good enough and with powers to end these conflicts for netball to improve,” she said.

Netball authorities in Zanzibar and Mainland are at loggerheads as either side blames the other for the resultant situation.

CHANEZA through Bakari has been blazing the CHANETA chairperson Anna Bayi and her leadership with blames for alleged poor cooperation, especially when it comes to matters involving international netball activities.

While the crisis has erupted soon after being frozen by sports ministers from either side early this year, CHANEZA is seeking a joint meeting to discuss on the country’s participation in the All Africa Games in Mozambique.

Bakari urged CHANETA to present an invitation letter of the championship before discussing other issues for the interest of netball development.

Bakari also said CHANEZA would like to discus on all resolutions passed during the Confederation of Netball Associations in Africa, CANA, conference held in Maputo last month.

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