Aden Rage defends serving two masters

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Simba SC chairman Ismail Aden Rage says he won’t yield to pressure by some club members to resign, on account of serving two masters.

Rage has gone a step father by underplaying the status of those pressing for his resignation, saying they are not devoted members of the Msimbazi Street side.
The controversial football administrator, who has curved a niche as a survivor amid crisis, remarked: “They are not sportsmen. These are the people who cannot survive without chaos. Their aim is to create chaos at the club; they do not want to see the club run smoothly.”
He added: “Everybody has his duty at the club. I can not do the work of the secretary-general. When I am not around my work is supposed to be done by vice chairman Geofrey Nyange.”
Rage compared himself with Italy’s Silvio Berlusconi who is serving two masters simultaneously – he is the prime minister and owners of AC Milan.
“We have arranged ourselves in a way that nothing will go wrong at Simba. Currently I am contesting to be Member of Parliament of Tabora Urban Constituency on a CCM ticket, but this does not mean that I am not serving Simba.
It must be noted that there is time for politics and time for sports and I can not mix the two,” he added.
Some Simba members called for Rage’s resignation when their team was beaten 1-0 by their archrivals Yanga in a Vodacom Premier League match at Kirumba Stadium in Mwanza last Saturday.
They claimed the team lost because Rage failed to prepare their team well and instead invested much time and efforts in election campaigns.
Rage said he believed that Simba would defend their title well and losing one game cannot stop them winning the remaining matches.
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