TFF to conduct coaches` course

The federation acting secretary general Sunday Kayuni

Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) is expected to conduct a license C course for the Mainland Premier League coaches and football instructors from across the country in Dar es Salaam in the next two months.

The federation’s acting secretary general Sunday Kayuni said the course will operate in line with the directives from the Confederation of African Football (CAF), which demands that all football coaches in the continent should possess licenses in the next four years.

“CAF has insisted that it will conduct coaching courses and provide the coaches with licenses. Not a single coach in the continent will be allowed to operate the profession in the next four years should he not possess the confederation’s license”, said Kayuni.

“In an effort to cope with the CAF’s directive, we (TFF) will start conducting the courses right away. The Mainland premier league coaches plus football instructors from across the country will be invited to attend the courses”, said Kayuni.

Kayuni said CAF’s plan to provide licenses was one of the agendas discussed in the assessment of the FIFA 2010 World Cup postmortem that took place in Cairo, Egypt from October 13-15.

“TFF president Leodegar Tenga, who was a member of the FIFA Technical Study Group in the World Cup hosted by South Africa, presented some of the topics in the assessment”, said Kayuni.

The topics included main routes to success, trend and tendencies of football, inclusion of young players in the national teams and presentation of CAF licenses to coaches.

Other invitees in the event were coaches and technical directors from all African countries.

“There was an in-depth discussion of all topics which, in the end, provided a proper direction of Africa’s soccer development in future”, said Kayuni, who also serves as TFF technical director.

The Cairo meet further discussed the benefits that Africa enjoyed from hosting the World Cup, which included the improvement of infrastructure and special training for Africa dubbed Win Africa with Africa, which was organised by FIFA.

The training was a special program designed to fully prepare Africa to successfully thrive in all four aspects of soccer.

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