Toshiba, Dell computers plan attack on brand counterfeits in Tanzania

Two major computer manufacturers, Dell and Toshiba computers, have decided to wage a war against counterfeits of their brands which are eating up their opportunities in Tanzania as well as other East African countries.
Tanzania and East Africa in general is a major dumping destination for counterfeit Dell and Toshiba laptops and desktop computers, according to information made available to The Guardian. The two manufacturers want to flood the market with genuine Dell and Toshiba brands at affordable prices.
Dell and Toshiba computers plan to penetrate the market through Mitsumi Computer Garage Limited, a Kenya based company, with branches in Kampala and Dar es Salaam, a Ugandan newspaper disclosed recently.
Toshiba Computers, a major manufacturer of lap top computers, external computer hard drives and cameras recently announced a partnership with the company, Mitsumi Computer Garage Limited, in which the firm will become a dealer in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.
Company officials say the partnership allows Mitsumi to have direct access to ex-factory Toshiba stocks which will be air freighted to the region from Germany and South Africa, cutting the length of waiting time between orders and delivery.
The Nairobi-based company has a similar agreement with Dell computers and plans to hold a press conference in Dar es Salaam today to explain how they are going to wage the war against counterfeits.

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