TFF spokesman comes under fire

Tanzania Football Federation information officer Florian Kaijage
Tanzania Football Federation’s information officer Florian Kaijage has come under fire by domestic media on the grounds, among other, of untimely dissemination of the football news.
The TFF official, who won the post four years ago and is supposed to vacate only for unofficially extension, has frustrated the media for alleged complacency and flamboyance.
Most of the sports writers have not been fed with update information on the changes of the premier soccer league as a result of unavailability of the Uhuru Stadium due to refurbishment.
While he partially informed the media for some few changes, he has not been fast enough to cope with the need to dispatch the Mainland premier soccer league fixtures in a smooth flow.
The TFF spokesman has at times alleged to have not responded to telephone calls while keeping his gadget ringing indefinitely.
Kaijage has also been under fire for sending information about press conferences to be staged by the football federation at eleventh hours.
When the national soccer team coach Jan Poulsen convened a meeting with sports editors in Dar es Salaam yesterday, he phoned Nipashe’s sports editor Amour Hassan late in the night, while he had all the time in the world to call during the day.
However, the press conference was not an accident and its communication would have been easily done at least a day in advance.
Kaijage’s untimely communication to sports writers and editors has been a recurring trend.
Most of the media sportswriters would have wished his immediate dismissal so as to do away with his overstretched intolerable incompetence.
The way he communicated to IPP Media, especially the Guardian Limited, on the press conference held yesterday leaves much to be desired for a man of ordinary prudence.
Most of the media sportsmen and women pray for TFF to offload Kaijage who looks to have failed to handle the job in the most convenient way.
Kaijage has in most cases come into collision course with sports writers, especially when Stars play international matches against high-profile teams at home.
The Stars-Brazil clash on June 7 this year and the 2008 African Nations Cup qualifier first leg against Cameroon are two of the events preceded by chaos and would linger long in the memory of reporters.
“May be he has stayed long to become complacent to reporters while he has frustrated us beyond tolerable limits,” one of the sports writers was heard complaining after yesterday’s press conference.
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