Sport and the Role of Government

Strategies for Successful Public Private Partnerships

Governments both national, regional and local are some of the biggest funders of sport. Recent years have seen a number of national and city governments support the staging of sports events, and the levels of investment are now significant.

In Germany public authorities spend around €3 billion every year on sport facilities alone. And, in the fastest emerging Asian and Gulf states, sport development is seen as a key plank of government strategy to promote rapid economic growth and gain profile on the international stage.

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Despite the ravages of recession, this report finds that governments look set to sustain or even increase their involvement in sport. It examines the objectives of the public sector; how they are funding sport and what their considerations are when they do so. It also provides you with a framework for evaluation of public funding and identifies the different contexts in which this funding has been provided.

Sport and the Role of Government goes on to examine public finance from the perspective of sport, demonstrating how sport can attract funding from government and gives you examples of where these relationships have been profitable for both sides. This report reviews the different sources of funding available and shows how several different streams can be targeted effectively.

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Where many sponsors are partners in name only, the secret of sport and public sector success lies in true partnership working. This report identifies the characteristics of organisations which are well matched and provides a template for both sport and government organisations to establish effective working relationships.

Over 40 representatives of governments, sports, universities and consultancies were interviewed in the research for this report including:

Brendan McClements, Victorian Major Events Company (VMEC)
Patrick McQuaid, Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI)
Lars Lundov, Sport Event Denmark
Dr Cristoph Breuer, German Sport University Cologne
Oon JinTeik, Singapore Sports Council
Malek El-Hebil, International Amateur Athletics Federation (IAAF)
Chris Hespe, Kent County Council
Leonardo Gryner, Brazilian Olympic Committee
Eamonn O’Rourke, Manchester City Council
Lars Haue-Pedersen, TSE Consulting
Don Schumacher, National Association of Sports Commissions
Simon Morton, UK Sport.
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