TFF freezes revenue cut

TFF president Leodegar Tenga
Tanzania Football Federation, TFF, has bowed to pressures exerted by rivals top flight sides of Simba and Young Africans in connection with stadium gate collection distribution demands.
Officials of the two teams who met with the soccer federation have reached a consensus to omit some of the deductions previously charged to the gross revenue collection.
The row erupted soon after the two teams boycotted to collect an allocated 33m/- for each side resulting from the gross revenue collected to the tune of 222m/- during the Charity Shield match played mid last week.
The teams protested bitterly on the allocated amounts on the grounds of pre-match expenditures and other associated costs.
As a consequence of the latest development, the premiership duo would now be given more revenues above the allocated 33m/-.
It was not immediately known the increased amount would hit what figure.
However, the teams will have more discussions with the TFF and the Government to discuss cuttings and distributions for the future matches to be played at the newly built National Stadium.
Yanga and Simba had threatened to boycott the premiership matches while they pressed hard for revision of the revenue cuts.
The Charity Shield game played on August 18 with Yanga winning the derby by 3-1 penalties has been introduced as curtain raiser to premiership kick off.
The Tanzania Football Federation is hanging in acute financial cliff mainly caused by a pre-World Cup friendly against Brazil on June 7 in Dar es Salaam.
During the match TFF inflated entry fees to the extent of putting off domestic fans with resultant half filled Stadium.
Despite frequent public uproar by the stakeholders to cut down the entry fees ahead of the friendly, adamant TFF under Fredrick Mwakalebela went ahead to charge a staggering 200,000/- as the highest while the lowest amounted to 30,000/-.
Taifa Stars lost the match by 5-1 goals to the dazzling star-studded Brazilians, hence accruing a hefty bank overdraft.
The match grossed 1.6bn/- to bring a shortfall of almost similar amount to the projected revenue collection.
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