Mengi set to revive Bonite Cup

July 10, 2010

Follow up to my meeting with Mr Reginald Mengi Chairman of IPP group  at OR Tambo International Airport in South Africa few days to the end of the World Cup, he agreed in principle to look into the possibility of re-introducing the Bonite Volley Ball Championship in Moshi Tanzania.

All though he has not stated when the tournament will be back, but remained optimistic that if there would be good managers and organisation he was ready to sponsor the tournament as he did before.

Mr Mengi also expressed  disappointment on how sports is being managed generally in Tanzania , lamenting that the country’s  football team is know  where in Africa not to even compare it with the rest of the world.

At present, discussion is on between me(Israel Saria) and Mr Uisso of Bonite Bottlers Co Tanzania to work out modalities on how to revive the tournament.

It has been more than ten years since the last Bonite Volleyball Championship was held in Moshi, Tanzania. This tournament was sponsored by Bonite Bottlers Company (a beverages company for Coca Cola products and Kilimanjaro spring water).

It involved many clubs from different parts of Tanzania, including those from Kenya, Zambia, Uganda, Malawi, Rwanda and Burundi and put Tanzania on the map in terms of volleyball in the world.
It was held annually for twelve years in Hindu Mandal ground in Moshi – an area easily accessed by neighbouring teams by road.

The tournament helped the economy of Kilimanjaro from revenue generated from hotels and officials and players visiting.
Israel Saria
Managing Director Tanzania Sports (UK) Limited


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