Netball bodies revive rivalry

Barely two months after ceasefire agreement reached by the netball associations for Mainland and Zanzibar, CHANETA and CHANEZA respectively, a fresh row has erupted between officials of the bodies.

CHANEZA, through their assistant secretary general Rahima Bakari, has called for immediate resignation of CHANETA chairperson, Anna Bayi.

The ground for the sought resignation plea is squared on Bayi’s adamancy not to comply with what has been agreed during the ceasefire.

On March 29 both netball associations bowed to pressure from the Government to end their longstanding differences or else risk dissolution.

The ministers for Information, Culture and Sports from Mainland and Zanzibar, George Mkuchika and Ali Juma Shamhuna respectively, issued an order for immediate ceasefire on May 14 that was instantly complied by both associations.

The loggerhead has been confined on matters involving international participation to represent the country.

Bakari says Bayi led the Tanzania delegation at the international Federation of Netball Association’s (IFNA) conference on May 15 while sidelining her Zanzibar counterparts.

Attending the conference was contrary to what has been agreed by officials of the East African Netball Associations (EANA) during their meeting held in Nairobi on May 2.

EANA officials had agreed to boycott IFNA’s conference aimed at approving the newly drafted constitution for the Confederation of African netball Association.

The boycott has been based on CANA’s sidelining EANA during the preliminary stages of drafting the constitution.

The CHANEZA official said Bayi has been avoiding attending EANA meeting and instead she has been on the front line to travel and attend IFNA meetings.

“One person should not stand to spoil our good relationship that has existed since the formation of Union Government, it’s high time she has to quit,” said Bakari.

Another claim by CHANEZA is the use of personal electronic mail by Bayi instead of the netball association to facilitate communication, particularly for the association’s issues.

However, CHANETA chairperson Bayi denied the allegations and wondered why the complaints are not channelled through the officially tailored means.

“Whoever has some discontent issues then he/she must use the proper channels and not through the media,” said Bayi.

Bakari confirmed to have officially communicated with the Government in connection with the attempt to seek Bayi’s resignation.

Bakari said Bayi has been the stumbling block to the development of netball game in Zanzibar as a result of her actions.


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