Brazil to play Zimbabwe and Tanzania in friendlies

Brazil are heading to both Zimbabwe and Tanzania

Brazil will play friendly matches in both Zimbabwe and Tanzania in the build-up to the World Cup.

The world’s top ranked side will be in Harare on 2 June and in Dar es Salaam on 7 June as part of their preparations for South Africa 2010.

The deals for both games have been signed and were announced at separate news conferences on Thursday.

“You are talking about the best team in the world,” the President of the Tanzanian Football Federation said.

“It is a very good promotion for our country,” Leodegar Tenga said.

“This is one of the steps we are supposed to take to develop the game, it will promote the game, bring excitement and encourage our boys – the impact of this to our football will be huge.”

Both countries have agreed to pay an appearance fee to Brazil – but the sum has not been disclosed.

The man who negotiated the Zimbabwe game for Brazil, Paul Leisegang of sports agency Kantaro, said it was a deal worth doing.

“It’s a figure that Zimbabwe are happy with,” he said.

“In my heart I believe that the ordinary people of Zimbabwe deserve to have a taste of the World Cup, and I believe that Zimbabwe will never be the same again.

“For Zimbabwe it was an impossible dream, but they were so persistent and they have proved that nothing is impossible.”

Brazil will become the first international side from outside Africa to play in Zimbabwe since the country’s independence in 1980.

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