Wambura takes Simba to court

Michael Wambura

Uncertainty still clouds Simba’s general elections set for May 9 following axed chairmanship aspirant Michael Wambura to seek legal redress.

Wambura, a former defunct Football Association of Tanzania secretary general, has filed a case against Simba Sports Club at the Kisutu court in Dar es Salaam yesterday.

He has also opened a case against both Simba and the TFF at the High Court of Tanzania seeking ‘a judicial review’ as he claimed.

Wambura says he has been barred from aspiring for the TFF’s vice chairmanship in the federations general elections held in December 2008.

In so doing, he has also communicated with CECAFA and FIFA while notifying TFF of his intentions to seek legal redress.

His notification to FIFA details how TFF has allegedly bent Simba’s constitution in connection with the club’s general elections.

“The entire election process has been clouded with abnormalities and favouritism while fairness has been completely overlooked for personal reasons”, complained Wambura before reporters in Dar es salaam yesterday.

Wambura said the elction process failed to categorically unveil why he has been ruled out of the chairmanship aspiration.

He said TFF has played a crucial role in spoiling an otherwise a bonafide election process for no substantial reasons.

Wambura says TFF has approved Simba’s constitution which has potholes resulting into the present chaos of the election process.

He said there is no referal committee in the election process and only the election committee has been entrusted with powers to conduct the election.

Wambura was axed from TFF’s vice chairmaship candidacy in the 2008 general elections and since the he has maintained alow profile until last month when he surfaced to aspire for Simba’s chairmanship post.

Wambura says there is no section in the Simba constitution that permits appeal of the club to be forwarded to the football federation for final decision.

He believes Simba’s election committee is void as per the club’s constitution section 30 (i) and (h). The election committee is supposed to be approved by the club’s annual general assembly which was actually not done ahead of the May 9 elections.

As long as there is no approval of the electorate commission, then Wambura says the committee is void ambition.

Regarding the procedure of making use of resolving soccer crisis through CAS Wambura says FIFA’s constitution in section 59 and 60 has categorically stated that aggrieved members should channel their complaints through the club’s appeal committees.

The appeal committees are non existent for Simba and that is the reason why Wambura has presented his case to seek legal redress.

Wambura’s court action would certainly bring high amplitude repercussions in the Tanzania Football Federation and Simba Sports club.


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