Commonwealth Games worry Bayi

Tanzania Olympic Committee secretary general Filbert Bayi

Tanzania Olympic Committee’s secretary general Filbert Bayi has expressed shock and anxiety over the way preparations for the Commonwealth Games are going on.

He said only Athletics Tanzania, AT which is free from controversies out of the five sports bodies earmarked to send their athletes for the Games.

Bayi said the rest of the sports bodies have their houses in disarray and their leaders are supposed to react quickly in time for the Games.

Tanzania will be represented by athletes from athletics, swimming, amateur boxing, table tennis and special Olympics associations.

Bayi said the above named bodies need to stage local qualifying events so as to choose their cream of players capable of representing the country on competitive basis.

Affiliation to global bodies that are recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) with democratically approved leaders is another factor that still poses threat to some organisations, boxing federation being the most hit.

Bayi said Tanzania Swimming Association of (TSA) also falls into the risk of missing the Tanzania representation at the Games.

Boxing Federation Tanzania is still struggling to redeem its lost affiliation following the 2008 narcotics scandal that led to expulsion from AIBA.

The loss of affiliation has rendered BFT ineligible to participate in the TOC sanctioned seminars for ,referees and administrators set for Dar es salaam later in May.

BFT secretary general Mashaga Makore acknowledged the fact of missing affiliation and said his body remains optimistic to bounce back on international stage in time before the Commonwealth Games get underway.

The TOC secretary general said the Tanzania Table Tennis Association has not staged any national competition despite featuring in SADC games held in Malawi at the end of last year.

The secretary general of Table Tennis Association of Tanzania Yassin Mtalaso assured TOC that his association is doing everything possible to meet the pre-requisities of the Commonwealth’s Games.

Mtalaso said his body is looking forward to host an international tournament in March.

However, Bayi said despite some hitches connected with the special Olympics, the organising committee of the Commonwealth Games would most likely provide special dispensation for the disabled athletes.

When he was asked as to why TOC has registered the troubled sports bodies for the Games, Bayi said TOC is optimistic they would resolve the shortfalls ahead of the confirmation deadline.

In a related development, Bayi said the seminar organised by Cycling Association of Tanzania (CHABATA) for bicycle coaches will be held next month.

The seminar has in the past suffered postponement as a result of CHABATA missing affiliation membership of the International Cycling Union (ICU).

Bayi reminded CHABATA to announce the date, venue and names of participants for the seminar to TOC before the end of the month.

IOC would in turn send instructors for the seminar upon receiving recommendations from TOC to ease tension.


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