Dar netball cruises in global rankings

Tanzania netball team has significantly made improvement to claim a fourth position in the continent while staying at 22 in the world, according to the latest statistics released by International Federation of Netball Association (IFNA).

Netball association of Tanzania’s (Chaneta) consultant on technical and administration affairs Joel Mwakitalu said the latest rankings are a result of the team’s recent performance at international stage.

Tanzania featured in four nations tournament held in Singapore last week and the six nation event organised by Chaneta in September through October.

Mwakitalu said Tanzania had no ranking ever since and the latest bid has placed the country on world map of the game in the post independence era.

IFNA’s latest release still puts Malawi on top of the continent ahead of South Africa and Botswana while Namibia is fifth. Global rankings are led by Austria, New Zealand, England, Jamaica and Malawi, according to IFNA.

Chaneta is gearing up for the national team to compete in their first ever world championship to be held in Vietnam next year.


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