More sport news from Tanzania needed..

Everyday when I open websites in Tanzania in sports page particulary football, the only team or results can be viewed are Simba and Yanga, winning or loosing.

There is a need of spreading the iconic of football in Tanzania as a whole nation not just indivual teams. Best thing to show is like example display in your paper the whole results and goal scores:

JKT vs Simba  2:1

Manyema vs Kagera Sugar 1:2

Yanga vs Mtibwa 0:0

Majimaji vs Lyon  2:2

Then display league table below it


Simba        points

Manyema  Poitns


Why adviced that because as one of them resides US & EU + Rest of the World, can interact with Tanzanian football as well plus you never know it may be the key source of supplying talents worldwide international players.

Thank you very much indeed and I hope you can distribute this message to other companies ie. mwananchi, majira, citizen, ippmedia, michuzi, etc. for the sake of developing our cute nation and its people.

Asante sana

Mr Costa M., UK

Mr Costa, thank you very much for your remarks. TSPORTS  is working on your ideas and soon will be in position of  implementing some of your thoughts.

[email protected]

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