CHANEZA now turns heat on sports councils

Zanzibar`s national sports council`s chairperson Sherry Khamis.

NETBALL association of Zanzibar (CHANEZA) has now turned the heat on the national sports council of Zanzibar (BMTZ) and Mainland (BMT) in connection with their impending crisis with CHANETA.

Chaneza’s acting secretary general Rahima Bakari, who has frequently been vocal on the poor relationship between the two netball authorities, said she has been shocked by the in-depth silence by officials of sports councils.

Bakari says so far there is no joint action taken by the sports councils to resolve the Chaneta-Chaneza rift since the ministers of either side released the directive on August 20.

Ministers of Information, Culture and Sports from Zanzibar and Mainland, Ali Juma Shamhuna and George Mkuchika respectively, jointly assigned national sports councils of either side to resolve the crisis that has embroiled the netball fraternity for more than three months.

Chaneza has boycotted to release Zanzibar players to join their Mainland counterparts to form a United Republic of Tanzania team expected to feature in this week’s international event that gets underway in Dar es Salaam.

Despite the Chaneza’s boycott threat, Chaneta has been busy organising the tournament now in its final stages as players to represent the country are being drilled ahead of the event.

Even should Chaneta admit the Zanzibar players into the camp time will be against the run to form a well synchronized formidable team.

Zanzibar’s national sports council’s chairperson Sherry Khamis declined to comment on how her body has so far not responded to the ministers’ directive after a solid month has passed.

Ten countries have confirmed to feature in this week’s inaugural edition of netball championship that has its preparation attained a point of no return.


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