Chaneta defies govt instructions

Anna Kibira

The national netball governing body, Chaneta, has defied written instructions from the Ministry of Information, Culture and Sports to reinstate Anna Kibira, its secretary general who was suspended for alleged indiscipline.

The ministry had pointed out that Chaneta had been unjust in suspending Anna because its executive committee had not given her a chance to defend herself, and that its accusations had political overtones.

National Sports Council (NSC) officer Mohamed Kiganja recently confirmed that he had received a copy of the ministry’s letter to Chaneta, signed by Principal Secretary Florence Turuka. He said the letter was directing Chaneta to reinstate Anna until both parties met on September 16, to discuss the issue.

On his part, Kiganja said the timing of Anna’s suspension was awkward because it coincided with the country’s preparations to host an intercontinental netball tournament.

Contacted by The Guardian on Sunday on whether she had received a letter for reinstatement, Anna said she hadn’t, and that she had learnt about the Ministry’s directive through the media.

On whether she was ready to resume her post, she said she was, since she was keen on seeing and contributing to the development of netball in the country.

Efforts to get a response from Chaneta chairperson Anna Bayi were fruitless as her phone was ringing continuously without being picked.

Anna Kibira was suspended on claims that she wrote a letter authoris ing the Zanzibar Netball Association, Chaneza, to host the East Africa Under-17 netball championship without the blessings of Chaneta.


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