Abramovich on second stage towards Kilimanjaro summit

Roman Abramovich, Chelsea Football Club owner.

Chelsea Football Club owner Roman Abramovich continued his inexorable quest to scale the continent’s highest mountain, Kilimanjaro, when he reached to the second out of the eight stages enroute to the summit yesterday.

The Russian tycoon, who arrived in Arusha on Wednesday with a six-men entourage who boarded a chartered Boeing 767 flight, spent a night at the Shira One stage yesterday.

Shira One is located on 2,700 metres above the sea level.

The Kilimanjaro National Reserve official, Nyamakumbati Mafuru, declined to provide details of the Abramovich’s entourage but said he is under guidance of Arusha-based African Environment touring firm.

However, he confirmed that the Chelsea FC owner is reported to be safe and healthy as he gears up for today’s further scaling of the mountain.

His entourage spent six hours to reach the first stage known as Mti Mkubwa located 2,500 metres above the sea level.

Abramovich and his colleagues are expected to start ascending the next stage of Shira Two from nine o’clock this morning. Shira Two is located at 3,000 metres above sea level.

Abramovich’s entourage comprises eleven men and 105 porters who are taking care of the luggage composed of food, beverages and other medical components.

The entire scaling of the mountain is expected to take not less than eight days should they descent through Mweka gate of the mountain.


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