United retain ‘most valuable’ title


Manchester United have held on to their position as the world’s most valuable sports team, according to Forbes magazine.

The respected American business publication valued the Premier League champions at $1.87 billion (£1.14bn) in April, the highest figure in sport.

Forbes has now reassessed its valuations of American football teams, with NFL top dogs the Dallas Cowboys unable to dislodge United from the top spot.

The Cowboys’s annual increase of 2 per cent means they are now worth $1.65bn (£1.01bn), meaning they stay second overall.

The new top 10 of sport’s rich list contains six NFL teams, three football teams and the New York Yankees baseball team.

Real Madrid are football’s second most valuable team, while, perhaps surprisingly, football’s third entry in the overall top 10.

Liverpool and Bayern Munich are the only other sides valued at over $1bn (£612m).

Forbes’s 10 most valuable sports teams

1 – Manchester United – $1.870bn (£1.144bn)

2 – Dallas Cowboys – $1.650bn (£1.009bn)

3 – Washington Redskins – $1.550bn (£948m)

4 – New York Yankees – $1.500bn (£918m)

5 – New England Patriots – $1.361bn (£833m)

6 – Real Madrid – $1.353bn (£828m)

7 – Arsenal – $1.200bn (£734m)

8 – New York Giants – $1.183bn (£724m)

9 – New York Jets – $1.170bn (£716m)

10 – Houston Texans – $1.150bn (£704m)


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