Kibira calls for NSC intervention

Anna Kibira

The Netball Association of Tanzania’s secretary general Anna Kibira has called for an immediate intervention by the National Sports Council to resolve the growing rift between Isles and Mainland netball authorities.

While Chaneta’s chairperson Anna Bayi has maintained a low profile to distance herself from the rising state of misunderstanding, Kibira acknowledged the existence of poor relationships between the two netball bodies.

She said NSC has to make a timely move to mediate the netball bodies with cooperation being the front issue to be resolved.

She said Chaneta did not provide cooperation for the under-21 netball team players who traveled to compete in the inaugural regional championship that ended in Zanzibar last month.

Instead, it was the NSC who dug deep in their pockets to facilitate traveling reservations for the Mainland players who joined their Zanzibar counter parts.

Kibira says Chaneta did not provide a hand-in-glove cooperation when Chaneza staged the inaugural tourney in Zanzibar.

“It’s time the NSC has to take bold steps to rescue the situation that might culminate into intense friction between the netball associations for the benefit of the nation,” said Kibira.

Kibira said Chaneta top brass officials would not provide a warm welcome to the men and women netball teams that competed in the regional tourney, despite their brilliant show in Zanzibar. Men team won the regional title as women finished runners up.

“None of the Chaneta officials turned up to welcome the players despite an advance notice of their arrival in Dar es Salaam at the end of the tourney,” said Kibira.

Chaneza secretary general Rahima Bakari was quoted as saying her association would neither select or send players to join their Mainland counterparts to form the Union team for next month’s inaugural international tourney.

Chaneta has already named players from Mainland who are camped in Dar es Salaam as they gear up for the September show.

Bakari said Chaneza has been highly disappointed when Chaneta officials refused to release under-21 netball trio from Filbert Bayi school during the recently ended tourney.


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