Miembeni FC lose sponsor

Ibrahim Makungu

Ibrahim Makungu who used to support Miembeni as a team director has parted ways with the former Zanzibar champions.

Makungu has handed over the team to the club elders, a decision reached barely few weeks after the Isles top flight side failed to retain their premier soccer title.

Makungu said his decision was accelerated by the team’s elders who demanded to be handed back the authority to manage their team.

“It was a decision based on meeting the demands of the team elders and no one else”, said Makungu.

However, Makungu said courtesy of his strong devotion to the club, he would maintain the payroll of the players that amounts to two million shillings on monthly basis.

He urged the elders of the club to maintain peace and stability for the benefit of their fans who enjoy big majority in Zanzibar and across the country.

Makungu owns Zanzibar Ocean View soccer team that won promotion into the top flight division this season.

The departure of Makungu has been dominating street talks throughout Zanzibar as fans ponder the future of the team in terms of financial support.

Most of the Zanzibar teams that used to enjoy single handed sponsorship have kissed a hand of good bye from the premiership berth in the past. These include Mohamed Raza’s Shangani and Mlandege that was ditched by Abdulsatar Daud.

Malindi that also were enjoying strong financial backing from businessman Naushad Mohamed are also struggling to keep premiership status.


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