TFF should handle ZFA outbursts better

Early this week the Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) made a call to the regional soccer associations and other affiliate bodies to make a thorough reflection on how the soccer body can come up with a modality, which can enhance its cooperation with Zanzibar Football Association (ZFA).

TFF leadership has been compelled to take that step due to the tension existing between the two soccer bodies on how the country is being represented at the international soccer body, FIFA.

Apparently, ZFA is being irked by the way TFF is directly benefiting from FIFA support resources under the umbrella of Tanzania, without having to share a penny.

When a top leadership of any respectable institution seeks ideas, inputs and suggestions from its subordinate organisations on how to handle its affairs, it signifies that either it has lost its grip or it is afraid of shouldering the responsibilities it is charged with.

TFF and ZFA have coexisted for years (if not decades) and have always worked together smoothly. In this case then TFF leadership know better on the way Union soccer matters have been accommodated and what role ZFA has played in those matters.

The past has seen a very healthy relationship between the two soccer bodies but it seems that some individuals within the ZFA or elsewhere in the Isles have a different motive.

To say, however, that frequent ZFA’s accusations of TFF possessing and exercising powers when it comes to the country’s representations in FIFA matters express social and political conflicts, is not in itself very startling.

This is due to the fact that TFF just like its predecessor Football Association of Tanzania (FAT) has been playing that role ever since the Union of Tanganyika and Zanzibar. For more than four decades FAT/TFF has been representing the Union without complaints.

The present quest for ZFA to have an equal status when it comes to Tanzania/FIFA issues simply reflects the present turmoil taking place on questioning the modality of a more agreeable environment of handling the Union matters.

It has been recently reported that the Mainland and Zanzibar ministers for Information, Culture and Sports, George Mkuchika and Ali Juma Shamhuna, are expected to meet with TFF-ZFA agendas to dominate the session.

Although the exact date of the meeting has not been unveiled, Shamhuna is said to have confirmed of the meeting and that it is intended to iron out differences existing between the two soccer authorities.

It has been pointed out that the meeting’s intention is to have all soccer authorities to work in close co-operation in implementing the country’s policy in sports development.

TFF’s move to call upon its members and affiliates to discuss on the matter and come up with suggestions on how to accommodate ZFA in FIFA matters, seems to be a sign of cowardice on the part of TFF leadership that it cannot handle the issue on its own.

TFF’s executive committee is supposed to be manned by very reasonable and understanding persons who are able to come out with sound and logical decisions on the matter.

If the TFF president, Leodegar Tenga, would have convened a meeting of the executive committee to discuss on the matter, then that would have been an appropriate move than calling all the affiliates to come up with suggestions, inputs and contributions.

The way the issue is being amplified by ZFA calls for less democratic approaches as the TFF leadership wants to do.

I do believe that even to the most stammering child there comes a time when he learns how to pronounce his parents names properly.

Time has come for TFF to be firm and courageous enough to shake off the coat of cowardice and speak it out about what it feels is right.

If the bickering between TFF and ZFA are left to persist, then they will culminate in increasing the gap between the Mainlanders and the Islanders to the point of forgetting our historical past.

It’s high time TFF secretary general should take bold steps within his discretionary powers to control the growing rift.

If possible he must meet with his ZFA counterpart Mzee Zam Ali to defuse the unnecessary row which is being blown out of proportions by media.

I am just thinking aloud for the good of the game and for the glory of my beloved country.

God is so great, precious and loving; so he created us different!


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