FIFA gives $70,000 for soccer database

FIFA has dished out $70,000 to the Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) to bolster football database system in the country.

TFF`s secretary general Fredrick Mwakalebela confirmed to have received the funds that would be used to establish and improve the present statistics of soccer activities from club level to the secretariat.
Mwakalebela said the funds have been advanced by FIFA as per the agreement reached during last year`s FIFA seminar held in Bagamoyo.

Each club is supposed to establish a database system to record its administration matters, players“ statistics and all financial related aspects.

The FIFA plan is now coming to its implementation as clubs are urged to update their statistical data to stay at par with the FIFA directives.

In related development, TFF has announced players registration procedures for next season`s Mainland premier soccer league.

All twelve top flight sides are supposed to declare their dropouts up to June 15 as the transfer period ends on June 30.

July 15 is the deadline for clubs to finalise registration of all players in readiness for the league season.

The registration of players will be done concurrently with under-20 teams as clubs are supposed to submit their curriculum vitae for coaches and contracts.

Clubs are at peril should they fail to meet the stipulated conditions as TFF would not honour their registered players.

The Bagamoyo FIFA accord requires each club to employ secretaries general, financial controllers and information officers.

Mainland league climaxed on Monday with holders Young Africans retaining their title as Simba finished runners up. Three other teams of Police Dodoma, Police Morogoro and Villa Squad have been relegated.

Three teams have been promoted to replace the relegated ones and these are Manyema FC, Majimaji and African Lyon.

However, Mwakalebela did not disclose when the new season would kick-off.s

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