Government to hire athletics coaches

Ministry of Information, Culture and Sports has intensified efforts to promote athletics in the country after pledging to hire four coaches later this year.

Deputy minister Joel Bendera said already curriculum vitae of several international coaches have been presented to him.


The ministry will announce its final selections after scrutiny at future date, so says the deputy minister.

He said the coaches would be responsible not only in coaching but also scout talents and lay a strong foundation for the country`s athletics.

Bendera said Tanzania has abundance of talented athletes but a poor approach has been one of the major drawbacks to backpedal the sport.

“Athletic Tanzania (AT) and stakeholders of the game should work with hand-in-glove cooperation to implement and develop athletics,“ said Bendera.

While the coach hiring mission is underway, Bendera made a call to regions to send their teams in this year`s edition of national championships to be held in Singida.

He said the national championships will be used as a stage where selectors will make full use to scout talents.

AT secretary general Suleiman Nyambui requested the government to revive school competitions as another option in scouting talents.

  • SOURCE: Guardian

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