Miembeni appeal over Malindi`s fine

Isles champions Miembeni have appealed to the National Sports Council (BMTZ) against ZFA ruling on Malindi player`s misconduct during their premiership match last Friday at Mao Tse Tung Stadium.

Miembeni are disputing the fine slapped to Malindi claiming it is inadequate when weighed against the offense committed.

Malindi duo of Abdulghani Gulam and Twaha Mohammed are accused of misconduct when they invaded Miembeni bench and uttered abuses to team officials soon after securing a last-gasp equaliser.

According to Miembeni letter dated March 9with reference numbers MSC/UT/23/2009, the club has asked for more punitive measures to the Malindi duo.

ZFA slapped 500,000/= fine to Malindi Club and failure to pay would mean an imminent ban against the players.

Miembeni officials feel Malindi duo have embarrassed their team for no apparent reason, which is their strong reason for additional punishment.

“We need an apology from Malindi officials beside payment of the fine which is also very light in relation to the offence committed“, said the three paragraphed letter.

Miembeni have been deeply shocked by the light punishment imposed on Malindi when contrasted to a fine and three month ban slapped on JKU player for misconduct recently.

Malindi players are alleged to have undressed their pants and teased Miembeni officials and players who were seated on the bench during the match.

The Malindi duo are also featuring for Zanzibar national team.

However, Malindi are alleged to enjoy huge cushion by ZFA ruling with the body`s president Ali Fereji Tamim being one of the club officials.

  • SOURCE: Guardian

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