Shamhuna counsels netball leaders

The Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar has requested netball associations of East African countries to coordinate and improve the standard of the game in the region.

Zanzibar`s Minister for information, Culture and Sports Ali Juma Shamhuna made a call while opening a general assembly of the Confederation of African Netball Associations (CANA) on Wednesday.

Shamhuna said should the leaders of the associations make frequent joint meetings, they would resolve and improve netball to greater heights.

He said they should not wait until a problem arises and then resolve and instead the joint sessions would eradicate or minimize squabbles within the netball fraternity.

Shamhuna drew optimism on CANA to spear head netball promotion for the continent as it has competent and good leadership.

However, the minister said CANA members should pay their annual subscriptions promptly for the body to become sustainable and self reliant.

He also said the Government would always maintain and strengthen its close cooperation with Zanzibar Netball Association (CHANEZA).

“CANA would only meet its pre-set targets courtesy of good leadership but the obvious challenge is to keep reminding its members to pay subscriptions in time,“ said Shamhuna.

CANA`s president Carol Garoes said the meeting is important for discussing various agendas including core problems faced by the East African national netball bodies.

Garoes expressed her sincere appreciation to CHANEZA for successful staging of the regional championship.

The CANA meeting is attended by netball leaders from Mainland, Zanzibar, Kenya and Uganda.

  • SOURCE: Guardian

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