TFF under fire over Maximo

The Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar has strongly criticised Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) for poor co-operation in soccer development.

The Deputy Minister for Information and Culture, Mahmood Thabit Kombo, said the soccer body has not been providing a budget for Taifa Stars coach Marcio Maximo to scout talents in the Isles.

Kombo spilled the beans during yesterday`s session of House of Representatives, currently going on in Zanzibar.

Kombo said he personally met Maximo who admitted that TFF has been playing down his efforts to tour Zanzibar for scouting talents and instead he has been frequenting in Mainland regions.

“TFF has been sidelining Zanzibar and keeping Taifa Stars coach within Mainland while overlooking highly talented youth players who would have been useful for the national team,“ said Kombo.

Kombo said TFF should be aware that Taifa Stars is a union team and should be jointly formed by inclusion of Zanzibar players as well.

Kombo said there must be equilibrium in the national team as well as sharing the annual $250,000 donation from FIFA for soccer development.

“From now onwards we will set aside a special budget for the Brazilian coach to visit Zanzibar in search of talents to mould a formidable Taifa Stars,“ said Kombo.

The deputy minister said Maximo should visit Zanzibar to search for more talents especially those who made the Challenge Cup team held in Kampala, recently.

In a related development, the deputy minister also responded to a query posed by a House of Representative from Bumbwini, Saidi Khelef Ali, who wanted to know how the Government has been prepared to develop soccer in the Isles.

Kombo said plans are underway to import sports technicians from abroad who would be responsible for academies to be established in the future.

Kombo has been surprised by the formation of the TFF board that has no executive committee member from Zanzibar while it is the only body that is recognized by FIFA at international stage.

He said it is purely unconstitutional for TFF to miss a representative in its board, a wide open violation of National Sports Council directive.

Other House of Representatives who also posed queries on the TFF controversies included Ali Suleiman Ali (Kwahani) and Zakia Omar Juma (special seats).

Chairman of House of Representative Ali Mzee told Chief Minister Shamsi Vuai Nahodha to work out on the controversies.

  • SOURCE: Guardian

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