NMB pours 19m/- into TFF polls

The Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) yesterday received 19m/- from the National Microfinance Bank (NMB).

The sum will be used in the body`s general election set for next Sunday at Dar es Salaam`s Waterfront Hall.

NMB Head of Marketing and Communications Imani Kajula handed over a dummy cheque of 19m/- to TFF Secretary-General Frederick Mwakalebela in a presentation ceremony held in Dar es Salaam.

Mwakalebela said the money would be used for paying expenses such as accommodation and food for the delegates who would attend the general assembly.

“We thank NMB for the sponsorship. We promise them that the money will be used in the right way,“ Mwakalebela said, adding that the election would cost more that 100m/-.

Kajula said his firm had decided to sponsor the national soccer body with the aim of making the election run smothly.

“Because we have been sponsoring Taifa Stars and youth soccer development, we have seen it wise to sponsor the election of the body too,“ Kajula said.

  • SOURCE: Guardian

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