As soccer rots TFF polls focus on people

Preparations are on high gear for the forthcoming elections to fill offices of the Tanzania Football Federation (TFF), with few surprises save for the absence of incumbent vice president Crescentius Magori to run either for the top post or seek re-election on his post.

With incumbent and popular federation president Leodegar Tenga seeking re-election, and aware that there could be some intense contention for his post as well, he has chosen to call it a day.

Were he to contest for the presidency later and lose `as he is still quite young` it won`t be the same as losing for reconfirmation on one`s own position.

That is roughly the scenario that is noticed as the polls are being readied, with a good turnout for contending the top position, and quite a few for the vice-presidency as well.

The usual rough and tumble to fill the post of secretary general is lacking this time, since FIFA directed that it be filled by an employee, but did not change his designation. Now it isn`t entirely clear if there is a secretary general or more accurately, an organising secretary.

Just what the polls are all about is made manifest by a few scattered aspects of how the game is being run, and none of these issues seems to be destined for discussion as the delegates go to vote implying they are picking individuals for jobs, perhaps for the spoils.

Otherwise, it should be expected that those who have declared they will pick forms for the polls take at least a few minutes to say what they specifically want to do. But it hardly characterised the mood of taking forms.

It is interesting that no one has so far challenged the conduct of the president and indeed no agenda has been raised as to what needs to be done for the coming year or two in the TFF.

The federation is itself silent about President Jakaya Kikwete`s directive that the federation should properly budget for paying the national soccer team coach. Can this function be added to the `losses` they keep getting?

Contestants for the various posts and executive committee membership seem to have forgotten that there was a profound dispute between TFF and Young Africans SC over the latter’s withdrawal from the third placing play off tie between itself and Simba SC.

Nor does it appear that the Jangwani Street club learnt anything from the dispute, anymore than their rivals have better ethics on the issue, as Yanga have announced they won’t defend their Tusker Cup championship next month.

The habit of not turning up the following year if either of the city clubs has a non-league trophy, or a non-CECAFA title, is now part of the `constitution` that TFF seems to be using to run the soccer scene.

Nor is the polls climate disturbed by the fact that contenders openly tout their Simba SC or Yanga SC sympathies or affinities.

And Tenga himself had something like a discussion agenda lately when he said that he is worried about `commandos` and gate cash!

Is it due to commandos that there are routine `losses,` or TFF just can`t pay the Stars coach? Will there be stadia only if the likes of Yusuf Manji opt to donate cash to build, not business?

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