Let us score more goals, says Yanga ace Ambani

Yanga`s Boniface Ambani has urged his teammates to score as many goals as possible when ever they get chances to do so in the ongoing Vodacom Premier League.

The Kenyan striker said over the weekend that scoring many goals would be the only way to make his team be in a safer side of retaining the title. “If we have many goals none of the teams will overcome us.

We may tie on points but if we have few goals our opponents may be above us simply because of a goal difference rule. It is the right time we score more goals to avoid that,“ Ambani said.

The striker currently leads the scoreboard on eight goals from five matches which his team has so far played.
Ambani scored three goals out of five in the last team`s match against newly promoted Villa Squad on Sunday.

He is followed by his teammate-cum-countrymate Ben Mwalala who has four goals.

Players who are in the third position with two goals each are Nigerians Emeh Izuchukwu and Orji Obinna, Mussa Hassan Mgosi (all from Simba), Selemani Rajabu (Moro United), Saidi Dilunga (Toto Africans), Bakari Kondo (JKT Ruvu) and Themi Buhaja (Kagera Sugar).

Yanga top the 12-team league with 15 points. Second placed Kagera Sugar were yesterday expected to play JKT Ruvu at the National Stadium in Dar es Salaam.

  • SOURCE: Guardian

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