Egoism retards soccer growth – Bendera

The Deputy Minister for Information, Culture and Sports, Joel Bendera, stated yesterday that individualism was one of the major reasons for the decline of football standard in the country.

Bendera made the remarks yesterday when inaugurating a three-day football workshop in Dar es Salaam.

“Selfishness has contributed a lot in making Tanzania`s football standard falls apart because most of the game`s administrators are doing things to facilitate their own interests,“ Bendera said.

He named other factors which were contributing to the poor standards as lack of patriotism, absence of substantial degree of creativity, bad administration and leadership, poor economic positions of football teams, corruption and insignificant government participation.

Bendera urged participants to use the workshop properly by discussing matters related to the development of the game.

“At the end of this workshop we should be able to come up with a strong resolution which will contribute to the growth of soccer in this nation,“ he added.

Bendera congratulated Tanzania Football Coaches` Association (TAFCA) on organising the workshop and advised them to stage such forum twice a year in future.

  • SOURCE: Guardian

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