Donate your used sports equipment to Tanzania

If visitors to the site have any sports gear or equipment, including for instance footballs, volleyballs, nets, gym equipment, rackets, bats, rule books, which are no longer in use, many sports clubs and schools in Tanzania would be interested in receiving them.
As can be seen on the picture gallery of this website young people involved in sports in Tanzania usually have no sports equipment, or use sub-standard equipment as communities cannot afford to prioritise such goods over basic daily commodities. Schools and sports clubs are under resourced and struggle to keep sports activity alive.

If there are items therefore which are considered to be potentially useful, Tanzania Sports Ltd will link with organisations in Tanzania and liaise with the High Commission of Tanzania in London in terms of arrangement and transportation.
We are also interested in exploring whether there are members of sports clubs or sports bodies in the UK / Europe who would be interested in offering expertise in coaching etc to Tanzania. Such proposals can be put forward to the Ministry of Sports for discussion.

Also, if sports clubs in the UK would be interested in developing exchanges direct with sports organisations or schools in Tanzania we can help develop that.
For further information please email [email protected]
Saidiasports means help sports development in Tanzania.

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