Players who are attending a volleyball youth course in Dar es Salaam lack the simple basics of the game

Players who are attending a volleyball youth course in Dar es Salaam lack the simple basics of the game, contrary to what the course instructor from Egypt had expected. Zohair Ammor said yesterday he had expected to find players who are at least conversant with the fundamentals of the game.

“We have players who are above 23 and yet they do not know even the simple basics, how are they going to help the country, it is just a waste of resources. “And also players’ lack of understanding of the game has forced me to increase two more hours on my schedule and even change my programme,” lamented Ammor, adding that he has had to start from scratch.

He said instead of teaching participants tactics, he has resorted to technical training and enlighten them on how to study the game. He advised the Tanzania Volleyball Association (TAVA) to start sending coaches to different remote areas so that they can improve the game. “There are very good coaches around, unfortunately they have no players and I think they should develop a scheme of sending coaches up country to spot talent.

“I also think they should try as much as possible to ensure that they encourage mini-volleyball in schools,” said Ammor. TAVA President Augustino Agapa said the problem of not having players dates way back in 2000 when government abolished games from schools. He said volleyball depends very much on schools because that is where the sport is played from, but when the government abolished the games it has had a very big negative impact on the sport generally.

“I know we do not have players but we are trying, these current players might not be good but it is the beginning and the mere fact that they have come from different regions shows the love they have for the sport”. The course which started last Saturday climaxed yesterday. It attracted 32 players from Dar es Salaam and surrounding regions with the intention of promoting the game.TAVA ran the course in collaboration with the International World Volleyball Federation FIVB.

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