SBL extends Stars sponsorship to five years

Serengeti Breweries Limited (SBL) will use 4.2 billion/- to sponsor the national soccer team, Taifa Stars, for five years.

SBL Board of Directors Chairman Mark Bomani said yesterday they decided to add two more years with the aim of developing the local soccer standard.


Bomani said the firm would equip the team with sports gear, equipment, allowances, transport and administrative requirements.

He said the sponsorship was part of the firm`s objective towards developing national level football as a platform for sporting and developing talents, adding that the offer represented SBL`s social commitment to be a responsible company in the country.

The sponsorship, therefore, means that the beer making firm will be the team`s main sponsor up to the end of 2011.

The Temeke-based firm will offer training and development programmes inside and outside the country.

The chairman said that SBL had already spent 700m/- in 2007 and would again spend 749m/- in 2008.

He said 824m/- would be used in 2009, 915m/- in 2010 and 1.025m/- in 2011.

He said the amount would be used to extended the sponsorship has extended their sponsorship contract with the national soccer team.

  • SOURCE: Guardian

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