Appreciations from Kazimoto

Dear sir,

        Firstly i would like to take this opportunity to appreciate the great work you are doing for our nation because this a great way of having our country known out their.I would also like to appreciate your ability in web designing.

        Let me take also this opportunity to introduce myself to you.I am Tonny Kazimoto an 18 year old Tanzanian boy.I am currently studying at Loyola High school in Dar es salaam in Form six doing PCM and programing(PASCAL for NECTA).I love sports especially soccer and tennis and i also adore web designing.I have been doing alot of web designing but with the free servers.My first was

       I would also like to air out my idea to you with this  chance.I was thinking if you add a page about sports in Tanzania schools and this would be of help to the up coming stars.It would also give chance to people internationally know more about the yougstars in our country.I would also request if the idea put in consideration be part of the page developing because it could be of great assistance to me.

          My sincere thanks to you in advance.Hope to hear  from you soon….Thank you Kazimoto, now you can send us articles of Sports issues from your School to [email protected]


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