Jamhuri: Enyimba FC won`t defeat us again

Simba assistant coach Jamhuri Kihwelu `Julio` is confident that his team will defeat Enyimba in the Champions League second round, first leg match to be played on Saturday in Aba in Nigeria.

Jamhuri said his team had prepared well to pose a threat to the West African side. “We have been reminding our players all the time to train well and be more careful because Enyimba have beaten us twice in 2003 and 2004.
This time we do not want them to defeat us again,“Jamhuri said, adding that there were no injuries in his squad.

Jamhuri said they would use 4-4-2 in the first 20 minute of the game and they would change the pattern depending on the moves of the hosts.

Simba eliminated Awasa of Ethiopia with a 4-1 aggregate win while Enyimba defeated Diables Noirs of Democratic Republic of Congo with a 7-3 aggregate.

Players who are expected to leave for Nigeria today are Juma Kaseja, Deo Boneventure, Ramadhani Waso, Mosses Odhiambo, Kelvin Yondani, Juma Nyosso, Nurdin Bakari, Naftar David, Mohammed Banka and Julius Mrope.

Others are Mohammed Kijuso, Yahya Akilimali, Mussa Mgosi, Athumani Machupa, Emmanuel Gabriel, Ramadhani Seleman, `Chombo`, Henry Joseph, Nico Nyagawa and Joseph Kaniki.

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