La Liga – Pires: Henry is “not happy”


Villarreal midfielder Robert Pires has said his former Arsenal team-mate Thierry Henry was upset at being substituted during Sunday’s league match between Villarreal and Barcelona, and that he is still struggling to adapt to his new club.

FOOTBALL: Barcelona striker Thierry Henry - 0

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“He was angry because he isn’t used to being taken off. They never did that at Arsenal,” Pires told Spanish sports paper Marca following Villarreal’s 2-1 win at the Nou Camp.

“If I was to say he is OK at the moment, everyone would call me a liar.

“It is difficult for him because he isn’t playing in his position, he’s always on the left or the right. I know him and know he isn’t happy.”

Meanwhile, Henry’s Barcelona team-mate Yaya Toure will undergo a course of special injections to deal with the back pain that has hampered his performances during recent matches.

“The more conservative treatment has not achieved the desired results so from today he will be given peridural injections,” club medical staff explained in a statement on the club’s website.

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