What is amiss in Tanzania`s soccer


After failing to qualify for the Africa Cup of Nations finals in Ghana last year, Tanzania`s focus is now on World Cup 2010 and Africa Cup of Nations finals in Angola the same year.

But how do we make it there, do we have the chances anyway of getting to the World Cup finals? Staff Writer RAYNER NGONJI discusses.

Sporting, leave alone football is a very costly venture. It requires a lot of investments to perform to the required standard. This entails training, sports gear and other essential facilities.

A panel of key football stakeholders observed in a TV programme that to realise successes, seriousness and commitment has got to be put in place first.

Said el Maamry, honorary member of Confederation of African Football (CAF) described Tanzanian soccer as being full of intrigues. “I and my colleagues here are experts in soccer issues but we have never been approached for advice,“ he charged.


He said Tanzania has the potential of taking the team to the World Cup finals as well as Africa Cup of Nations finals but the problem is lack of coordination and a comprehensive programme.

“Our boys need as many trial matches as possible when they are in training camp to improve and raise their standard of football.“

Syllersaid Mzirai, another commentator at the panel said Tanzanian teams still have a chance to do better if they are given serious training.

One of the problems facing soccer leaders in the country is that they think they know each and everything. This attitude has contributed to the current state of affairs in soccer.


The panelists said leaders should not shy away from experts; rather they should cooperate with them.

Indeed, training is what the players need. When they are trained they go on the pitch with confidence.

They need training in better techniques of ball control.
Ally Salehe, a lawyer and football fan said for the national team to succeed there must be strong cooperation among all stakeholders and soccer leadership.

  • SOURCE: Sunday Observer

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