Marketing Tanzania through Sports in the UK get a new boost

According to Tanzaniasports market analysis, marketing Tanzania through sports wear advertisement could do well in the UK market. Unfortunately to date there are no effort that has been taken to tap into this market. Market research commissioned by Tanzania posts on identifying existing opportunity for Tanzania to penetrate UK market revealed that the next decade will witness the most significant changes in the way UK consume sport since the emergence of mass audience and Internet sale opportunities. The proliferation the Internet sale is an opportunity that Tanzania could employ to target UK consumers. This research has for example identified a enormous demand of Tanzania national team sportswear demand. However many of the UK importers and distributors contacted as part of this market research revealed that they have not been able to identify appropriate reliable trade partners who could meet the growing demand.


The consultant report shows that the UK consumption of sports goods worth £1.81 billion in 2006, up 3.3% per annum on average since 2002. The research further shows that in 2007, the UK imported sports goods valued at £0.90 billion, or 260 thousand tonnes. Since 2002 values are up by 4.4% but volumes are up by an average annual rate of 14%. This report reveals more than 47% of imports by value came from developing countries (67% by volume). The share of imports by developing countries is up from 37% in 2002 in value, and up from 52% in volume terms. With these upward trends, Tanzaniasports is of view that there are trade opportunity that is vital to Tanzania traders and producers.

Tanzania national football uniforms may just be one of the most important pieces of clothing ever invented which could sale well in the UK football wear market. There are all kinds of different football uniforms out there on the market today. The consultant found that the colours of Tanzania national football uniforms and other teams have a huge impact on the UK market; however, there are no places where you can get Tanzania football uniforms, in the UK.

For details about this lucrative market where there are opportunities to trade contact Tanzaniasport. We will give you the details and contacts address of the key UK importers and advice on how you could penetrate this market.

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